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Feature of week 48

Feature of the Week 48 – 22-28 November 2010

10 Years JavaMuseum

JavaMuseum’s netart journal
“Celebrate!” – celebrating 10 years netart
is proudly presenting this week 4 new exciting netart pieces by

netart by Hyeseung  Yoo (South Korea)

We Are Friends
by Hyeseung Yoo (South Korea)
Direct access –>

netart by David Morneau (USA)

by David Morneau (USA).
Direct access –>

netart by e.w.walters (Poland)

A Witch Trial
by e.w.walters (Poland).
Direct access –>

netart by P.J.Moskal (Poland)

Digital Sculptures for Analog Sounds
by P.J. Moskal (Poland)
Direct access –>


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