Day 060 —>

01 March 2010

Day 060 program – week 10
1. JavaMuseum – Celebrate! – Pat Badani (USA)
2. VideoChannel interviews – Alice Arnold (USA)
3. VideoChannel – Italian videoart – Christian Niccoli
4. A Virtual Memorial – Shoah Film Collection – Boris Sribar (Serbia)
5. CologneOFF IV – daily features – Dario Bardic (Croatia)

Feature of the Month March 2010

Violence Online Festival –
Violence Online Festival

Summary:“Violence” is a New Media art project in form of an online festival reflecting the phenomenon of “Violence”, curated, organized and created in Flash by Agricola de Cologne, curator and media artist operating from Cologne/Germany. As an ongoing project Violence Online Festival is developed for being presented in future in the framework of physical and virtual media festivals and exhibitions. For each event a new project version will be created adjusted to the actual needs including additions of new artists/works and other changes.

10 Years – JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
the netart features 2010 released in form of the daily journal – “Celebrate!”

netart by 80/81
Celebrate! continues with the US artist Pat Badani

3, VAD – Video Art Database
A Virtual Memorial – SFC-Shoah Film Collection
is featuring durring February 2010 an artist for one day –>
today: Boris Sribar (Serbia) I love you so much, I would kill for you, 2009, 3:50

VAD – Video Art Database – new!!
VideoChannel – Italian Video Art
starting on 22 February with an artist for one day –>
today: Christian Niccoli video title: Escalating perception/the gaze, 2004

VAD – Video Art Database
CologneOFF IV – features for one day
today: “Etude” by Dario Bardic (2007, 3:20, Croatia)

VIP – VideoChannel Interview Project
– a series of interviews with video artists
–> today: Alice Arnold (USA)

Feature of the Month March 2010

Violence Online Festival –