Feature of the month August 2010

VideoChannel Cologne
selfportrait by Robby Rackleff (USA)

VideoChannel Cologne
proudly launches on 2 August
in the framework of NewMediaFest’2010
as the Feature of the Month August 2010

[self] ~imaging v.4.0
artists portraying themselves in film & video

[self]~imaging curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

featuring works by these 25 artists
Agricola de Cologne (Germany), Hervé Constant (France/UK)
Irene Coremberg (Argentina), Virginie Foloppe (France)
Ronald Gerber (Germany), Grace Graupe-Pillard (USA)
Sinasi Gunes Turkey), Stefan Hurtig (Germany)
Wim Janssen (Belgium), Maria Korporal (Netherlands)
Daniel Luchman (USA), Jonathan Moss (France)
King Musser (USA), Kika Nicolela (Brazil)
Rob Parrish (USA), Robby Rackleff (UK)
Humberto Ramirez (USA), Lara Salinas (Spain)
My Name Is Scot (Canada), Gabriel Shalom (USA)
Boris Sribar (Serbia), Katalin Tesch (Hungary)
Cyane Tornatzky (USA), Sibylle Trickes (Germany)
Angela Washko (USA), Vagner Whitehead (USA), Doug Williams (USA)

This video feature is the 4th of a series of four, to be released in May, June, July and August 2010.

Access to the online feature

The direct URL is