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videoart by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (D)

VideoChannel is happy to re-launch in December2010 part 1 of the videoart project, entitled “Family Affairs”:

While Family Affair II, featured in November 2010 was focussing on “Father” and “Mother, father, brothers & Sisters”, “Family Affairs I” – devoted solely to “Mother” as the central relational person within a family was already issued in 2008 in the context of the 4th festival edition of Cologne International Videoart Festival – CologneOFF IV .
Re-launching “Mother” gives the viewer the opportunity to find out how artists deal with their own identity by exploring the closest area in an individual’s life – the family.

The project is initiated and curated by Wilfried Agricol de Cologne, chief curator of VideoChannel.

Participating artists in the “Mother” are

“Pastry” by Unnur Andrea Einarsdottir (2005, 5:51, Iceland)
“I Carry Your Heart” by Jessica Curry (2008, 6:11, UK)
“Mother” by Antti Salvela (2008, 1:00, Sweden)
“Mother and Lost Daughter” by Joshua & Zachary Sandler (2008, 3:54, USA)
“Stop Stealing My Face” by Grace Graupe-Pillard (2007, 3:11, USA)
“Timed Out” by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (2008, 9:35, Germany)
“The Chair” by Grace Schwindt (2008, 9:47, UK)
“Matter” by Jeanette Louie (2008, 8:00, USA)
“Ma-mma (Marilyn)” by Caterina Davinio (2008, 1:00, Italy)
“New Samples” by Marina Landia (2006, 4:20, UK)
“Mother-Mater” by Paolo Bonfiglio (2007, 7:20, Italy)
“Mother, daughter, light and water” by Henry Gwiazda (2005/2008, 1:27, USA)
“Mamo/Mother” by Anders Weberg (2008, 2:30, Sweden)
“Mothertext” by Karen Trask (1999, 11:17, Canada)
“She was also there” by Nicole Pruckermayr (2008, 5:49, Austria)
“The Criers” by Elham Rokni (2007, 13:46, Israel)
“Walk With Me” by Nicole Rademacher (2007, 1:08, USA)
“Mama” by Richard Jochum (2008, 1:35, USA/Austria)
“Mirror Mama” by Shelagh Fenner (2005, 4:54, UK)
“Between Love and Duty” by Sonja Vuk (2008, 6:25, Croatia)
“Apparition # II” by Anahita Hekmat (2006, 2:59, Iran)
“Spring is here again” by Pekka Ruuska (2008, 1:00, Finland)
“Force Fields” by Magsamen & Hillerbrand (2008, 3:30, USA)
“Tinchi Tamba Wetlands” by Natasha Cordasic (2007, 6:38, Australia)
“Find at Solaris” by Antonio Alvarado (2008, 11:39, Spain)
“Pergus and the Ectoplasm” by Magnus Irvin (2007, 3:00, UK)
“Mother” by Anna Bieluszko & Magdalena Jachimiak (2008, 14:52, Poland)

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