Feature of the Month June 2010

VideoChannel Cologne
Oslo Screen festival - Norwegian Selection on VideoChannel

Feature of the month June 2010

VideoChannel Cologne proudly presents during June–>

Oslo Screen Festival 2010
Norwegian Special Selection
curated by Margarida Paiva

Oslo Screen Festival is an International Festival for Experimental Film & Video Art which started in 2008 with the aim of bringing together emerging and established artists to show their work to Oslo audiences.

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Selected video works

Still life with Mattias
by Endre Tveitan (Norway)
DV, 4’30”, 2009

Still life with Mattias is a videocollage composed together by close to a hundred video/film images.
The videoimages have been captured with HD-video, DV-video, web-cam, mobile phone-cam og super 8 film. In the same way the soundtrack have been recorded with everything from tape recorder to professional sound equipment.

Bio: Endre Tveitan is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo, Norway. He works in the field of video, often in collaboration with sound artists. Many of the works are collages showing several video images composed into one ever changing “video picture”. The collages often represent urban landscapes, sometimes containing small narratives.

The sun tattooed
by Shwan Dler Qaradaki (Norway/Iraq)
MPEG files, 3’34”, 2009

My work relates to the problematics of exile in Europe, and particularly in Norway. I’m interested in the direction the politics of immigration is taking in Norway, and what consequences this has for immigrants’ self-image and identity.

Bio: Shwan Dler Qaradaki was born (1977) in the iraqi Kurdistan in a city called Sulaimani. He has a 5-year degree from the Sulaimani Institute of Fine Art. Dler Qaradaki came to Norway as a political immigrant in december 1999, and finished his Master degree in 2009 at the
Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo. He’s a mixed-media artist, and the driving force of his projects are not media specific. He uses the medium that he thinks it’s relevant for the content of the work, and it can be drawing, painting, photo, installation and video.

Motholic mobble part 3
by Kaia Hugin (Norway)
DV, 6’38”, 2009

By use of cinematic elements, patience, time and labor, a “real film trick” is carried out. The piece balances between Sisyphean desperation and the humorous. It might be seen as an intervention or interference in nature, or maybe as a longing to feel connected to the vast landscape.
Bio: Kaia Hugin is master student at Bergen National Academy of the Arts and works mainly with video. Exploration and a mixing of cinematic elements with choreography, performance and sound work is central to her productions. Her films often have a self-reflective dimension related to
moving images; mixing the genres, playing with references and roducing “real film tricks”.

Par Hasard
by Bull.Miletic (Norway)
DV, 5’45”, 2009

Par Hasard explores the Eiffel Tower’s symbolic relationship to its ethereal physicality. Negotiation between opposing meanings, emotions and times continues throughout the video in a similarly ambiguous manner, primarily via cutaway shots. The soundtrack, intertwined by long periods of silence, is intended to enhance the hallucinatory atmosphere.
Bio: BULL.MILETIC is the team of the two artists Synne BULL and Dragan MILETIC. Our art practice focuses on the moving images’ ability to represent the familiar unfamiliar and thereby make analyzable an unconscious optical and acoustical field of perception. We are particularly
interested in the visualization of the relationship between physical and mental space. In our work, we examine our surroundings (architecture, objects, landscape, urbanity) as containers of emotions, memories, and political decisions. Through the form of video installation we observe a potential trajectory for the visualization of time as space, and as a constellation where past and present exist simultaneously as interchangeable variables.

Copy City
by Denise Hauser (Norway)
DVD, 4’35”, 2008

Copy City is an experimental short film about marginal worlds, having its roots in the new media development and web 2.0.

Bio: Independent Visual Artist working with Moving Image.
2008 MA Animation, RCA London
2006 BA Graphic Design Central Saint Martins, London

The Red City
by Sabina Jacobsson (Norway)
DV, 4’31”, 2008

Music video made for Malika Makouf Rasmussens cd “ON CLUB”.
Camera and editing: Sabina Jacobsson
Music: Malika Makouf Rasmussen

Bio: Sabina Jacobsson, born in Sweden in 1967, is a video, photo, performance and installation artist. She graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Trondheim Norway 2000 . Jacobsson have had several exhibitions/screenings in Norway and abroad.She work with scenography for dance and theatre performances and she is a lecturer at NISS (Nordic Art for Stage and Studio) in Oslo.

Malika Makouf Rasmussen, born in Alger (Algeria) in 1965, is a composer, musician and music producer. She released her first solo album Exit Cairo in February 2006. Incorporating a variety of African and Western instruments blended with electronic sounds forms the sole foundation for her music. On Club is her second solo released in May 2008: While Exit Cairo moved along a northsouth axis, this album takes us around the world and into the “club universe