Feature of the Month November – 1

Realtive Space by Chris Stockbridge (UK)

VideoChannel is happy to launch in November 2010 part II of the earlier started videoart project, entitled “Family Affairs”:

Whiel Family Affair I was focussing on “Mother” as a central part of the family, “Family Affairs II” is referring to “Father” and later “Brothers & Sisters”:
The project is initiated and curated by Wilfried Agricol de Cologne, chief curator of VideoChannel.

Participating artists in the “Father” section are

Antonio Alvarado – Zack Bent – Yin-Ling Chen
Virginia Colwell – Lindsay Foster – Constantin Hartenstein
Shahar Marcus – Antti Savela – Chris Stockbridge
Marc Thele – Anders Weberg – Zellner Bros

Enter the project here