Feature of the week – 08

Feature of the week – 08 15-21 February 2010

CologneOFF celebrates its 5th anniversary in India

In 2010, CologneOFF – Cologne Online Film Festival http://coff.newmediafest.org – is celebrating its 5th anniversary on CEC 2010 – Carnival of e-Creativity in Sattal a place in the Himalaya state of India, Uttarakhand.

It is the latest festival edition – CologneOFF V – Taboo? Taboo! which will be presented via screenings including all films and videos of the 5 festival programs.

The festival theme “Taboo?! goes down to the question whether the social ban, called TABOO can be still existing in times when all existing “taboos” are broken. While in non-Western societies this social ban is still widely practiced as a traditional form of moral ruling and using power, in the Western societies the traditional forms of social and moral banning are replaced by new, but individual ones, since the human being and the human society obviously is not able to live without guilt and moral restrictions.
There are countless mainly personal reasons why people are forced or forcing themselves to speak a ban, by refusing to talk about subjects, situations etc.Violence, whether domestic, social or administrative violence belongs to the old and new taboos.in all societies on the globe taking influence on memory and identity.
The present selection wants to show how video makers coming from different countries, cultures and societies reflect an ancient social act, which is more contemporary than ever.

The participating directors are listed on

CeC 2010 – Carnival of e-Creativity is co-curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne, who is also the director and chief curator of

CeC 2010
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CologneOFF V – Taboo? Taboo!

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Many thanks go to Shankar Barua the organising director of CeC, a pioneer in the field of Indian digital art, who is accompanying the Cologne based network since its beginning 10 years ago.