Feature of the week 09

Feature of the week – 09 22-28 February 2010

JavaMuseum – I-Highway – netart from Canada
netart from Canada - JavaMuseum 2003

I-Highway – netart from Canada
is a showcase of netart released in 2003
featuring netart works by the Canadian artists
Michael Alstad, saibot & ssiess, Isabel Hayeur, Babel
David Clark, Myron Turner, Robert Kendall, Gustave Morin
Karen Ostrom, Gregory Chatonsky, Barry Smylie, Kate Armstrong
Alison Chung-Yan, Marc Tuters, Tara Bethune-Leamen
Richard Barbeau, Jillian McDonald, Kelty McKinnon
Tomasz Konart, Guerrera del Interfaz, Katie Bush, Olliver Dyens
Randy Knott, Valérie Lamontagne

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