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Feature of the Week 7-13 June 2010

Current Positions of Italian Netart curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

JavaMuseum presents
“Current Position of Italian Netart” (2002)

Caterina Davinio, Carla Della Beffa, Mauro Ceolin , Bugz – Lucilla Loddi
ego, Chiara Passa, Isabella Bordoni, Domiziana Giordano, dlsan
Sergio Maltagliati, Pino Boresta, Domenico Olivero, Speranza Casillo
Coniglioviola, Giocomo Verde, Luigia Cardarelli, Avatar Project
80/81, Francesca di Gregorio, Gruppo A12, Carlo Zanni
ctrl, Nicola Tosic, Limiteazero, Agnese Trocchi, Clockworker Nik
Marcello Mercado, UsineDeBoutons, Enrico Tomaselli
Alessandro Piana Bianco, Marco Cadioli

This feature of Italian Netart curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne was the first of its kind on the net, when it was released by JavaMuseum in 2002 in the high time of netart (2000-2004).

In an historical review, one can state that some of the artists continue working with new media, many others stopped their activities.

Even if the cultural conditions in Italy are special, since differently to other European countries, there does hardly exist any public art funding, in Italy the conditions for becoming active with netart were much more comfortable than elsewhere due to some still very active cultural activists like Alexandro Ludovico and his “NEURAL” magazine, which was promoting netart and other new media art tendencies from the beginning, but also the online magazines “Ramdom” by Valentina Tanni and “Noema” by Pier Luigi Capucci, which were not only promoting Italian, but the entire global netart scene. Thanks to these three “pioneers”!

Today, netart plays in Italy like in other places, not even a marginal role,
eventually now and then an artist referring to the good old times by creating a new netart piece.

Netart remains a “transit” field of contemporary art, which is practiced only to find out that there are no reasons to continue, although nobody ever really explored the potential of Internet as a medium and field of that special type of contemporary art.

Nevertheless, all those works which are still available for review online,
are enjoyable and as fresh as they were published once in the early time.

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