Feature of the Week 26

Week 26 – 21-27 June 2010
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JavaMuseum - netart features

Latino Netarte.net - netart from Latin American countries, Spain & Portugal

is featuring a selection of netartists from
Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal

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This show was prepared in 2002, and demonstrates the influence of the global aspect of digital art which can be shared via the Internet without national boarders or continents. Netart represented for many artists from the Latin American countries a way of communicating with the rest of the world without leaving the place of living and participating in what what going on the world.

Even if the JavaMuseum features were restricting the shows formally to national aspect of art, there never were related to the boarders of a country but represented rather the idea of a kind of regional identity. Especially netart is demonstrating, that there was a common language of artistic expression in a global context which is only different that way, that each individual artist has his individual way of expression, in this way one can speak of netart as a form of global art.

Here ist the list of selected artists

Marina Zerbarini, Ana Maria Uribe, Paula Cordova, uan Manuel Patiño
Gabriel Otero, Irene Coremberg, Indira Mariam Montoya, Robert Echen
Dina Roisman, Virginia Buitron, Muriel Frega, Andamio Contiguo

Ricardo Miranda Zuñiga (Nicaragua), Jesus Macarena-Avila
Paco F. Parado, Humberto Ramirez (Chile), Eduardo Navas, Juan Devis

Alvaro Aardevol, Enrique Radigales, Antonio Alvarado
On Air, santo_file, Julian Alvarez, Mashica

Clemente Padin

Marcelo Frazão, Fernando Rabelo, Regina Célia Pinto, re:combo
Lucia Leão, Joesér Alvarez, Andrei Rubina Thomaz, Jorge Luis Antonio

Marco Casado, Arcángel Constantini, Cindy Gabriela Flores
Fernando Llanos, Fran Ilich, Ivan Monroy-Lopez, Ricardo Rendon

Antonio Mendoza, Ivan Abreu, Raul Ferrera-Balanquet

Yucef Merhi

Claudia Tribin, Bela Rosemberg, Liliana Molina Moreno

Guerrera del Interfaz (Spain)

Christian Oyarzún, Isabel Aranda Yto

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