Feature of the week 30

Feature of the week 30 – 19 -25 July 2010

JavaMuseum - Extasy - the final show 2005

Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is happy to re-launch on occasion of NewMediaFest’2010

EXTASY the final show 2005

was the title of the final show on JavaMuseum in 2005. This year 2005 represented actually also the final state of the high phase of netart (2000-2004) and can be understood as a finaly agony, before netart fell into the state of a nearly complete irrelevance or a deep sleep, like it is currently, even if now and then a few artists globalwide realize occasionally a piece of netart, yet.

In so far, it would be unfair to state “netart would be dead”.
As an art genre, however, which netart had the potential to be one, netart is completely irrelevant, even if it cannot be excluded, that future generations of artists explore the medium of the Internet for its potential to be an art medium once more profoundly. Until now nobody ever was undergoing such a reseach, since it does not only take much time, but requires also extraordinary skills and knowledge of technology and programming languages and an extraordinary artistic sense and talent to deal with both in terms of art, in terms of the not yet thought or experienced.

All the works and projects realised during the past years refer all to the already existing and repeat the already existing, in fact, instead of using the already existing as a matter for a new creation or a basis for exploring the unknown, for experimenting in new galaxies of art.

Nevertheless, all artists who were dealing ever with the Internet added their personal individual aspect to the phenomenon , called netart,
and deserve therefore a place in the Hall of Fame.

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List of participating artists in EXTASY – the final show

Ramesh Srinivasan, Calin Man, Michael Kargl, JanedaPain/Jane Crayton
Carla Della Beffa, Gregory Chatonsky, Rodrigo de Toledo, Jody Zellen
Emilio Jiménez Sánchez, Andreja Andric, DLSAN, Agricola de Cologne
Marcello Mercado, Indira Montoya, Kathrin Kur, Babel, j.t.wine, Coniglioviola, Kirsty Boyle, Andrea Polli, Nicole Lawter, Ian Flitman, Speranza Casillo, Laurie Halsey Brown, Marc Lee, Simon Fildes and Katrina McPherson, Lars Vilhelmsen, Luigia Cardarelli , Sandra Crisp, Beat Suter and René Bauer, Sue Huang, Nadja Kutz & Tim Nikolai Hoffmann, David Clark, Pascale Malaterre, Rob Whynot, Michael Takeo Magruder, Fabian Giles, Kyon, Gast Bouschet, VALENTIN CHINCISAN, J Sundheim & B. Reuss, Brook A Knight, Pat Badani, Fanny Aboulker

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