Feature of the week 33

Feature of the week 33 – 9 -15 August 2010

Tiia Johannson on JavaMuseum
Solo show: Tiia Johannson on JavaMuseum

Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
proudly re-launches on 9 August 2010
in the framework of NewMediaFest’2010
as the Feature of the Week 33
the solo netart memorial show of the late
“Tiia Johannson”
a very promissing Estonian artist who died already in 2002 only 36 years old.

Together with Jody Zellen & MEZ – Mary Ann Breeze, Tiia Johannson received in 2002 only short time before she died the 1st JavaArtists of the Year Award

Enter the retrospective of the complete netart work by Tiia Johannson and commemorate true true pioneer of netart