Feature of the week 35

Feature of the week 35 – 23 -29 August 2010

Fundamental Pattern - Peripheral Basics on JavaMuseum

JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is happy to re-launch on 22 August 2010
the result of the 2nd global netart competition held in 2002,

Fundamental Patterns – Peripheral Basics

The exceptional netartist from Romania, Calin Man
was awarded with the – JavaArtist of the Year 2002 Award

Finalists of the 2nd global competition are

Tamara Lai (Belgium), Antoine Schmitt (France), Xavier Cahen (France9
Victor Vina (Italy), Tjader Knight.Inc (Finland), Jader Rosa (Brazil)
Maya Kalogera (Croatia), wowm.org (Croatia), Coniglioviola (Italy)
Andrea Polli (USA), Avatar Project /Italy), Lane Last (USA)
Nicola Stenger (USA), Leander Seige (Germany), Frieder Rusmann (Germany)
Pedro Fernandes (Spain), Simon Norton (UK), Robert Kendall (USA)
Robert Krawczyk (USA), Barry Smylie (Canada), Sergio Maltagliati (Italy)
Isabella Bordoni (Italy), Nicolas Clauss (France)
Calin Man (Romania)

The show
Fundamental Patterns – Peripheral Basics
was featuring a contribution of digital art works prepared unter the topic of


including students of University of the Philippines, Diliman, Manila
curated and organised by Fatima Lasay, Universty of the Philippines,
J.M.Acevedo, Carlo Ahillion, Marc Antony Alvarado, Maysa Arabit, R. S. Bolodo, Criselda Cac, A. Castro , N. Chua, K. De Dios, S. De Leon, Monica L. Delgado, Eric C. Flores, Gimo L. Lanot, Amiel L.A. Lapuebla, Catherine Lasam, Luisa C. Medina, Marielle P. Nadal, L. Orola, Zoltan Pabon, Remnin R. Patino, M.A.C. Sagcal, W.D. Saludares, V. Samson, R.K.L. Santiago F. V. SanBuenaventura, R.B. Santos, L.R. Segarra, C.E. Tabagan, M.G.M.Tenorio, D.J.P.S. Torres, G.A. Tuano, S. Valencia, P.R. Vinluan, A. de la Cruz Yumul

Enter the JavaMuseum show – Fundamental Pattern – Peripheral Basics – here