Feature of the week 37

Feature of the Week 37 – 6-12 September 2010

A Virtual memorial Foundation

A Virtual memorial Foundation

A Virtual Memorial Foundation
Memorial for the Victims of Terror

On occasion of the 9th return of the 11 September attacks 2001, A Virtual Memorial Foundation is relaunching the “Memorial for the Victims of Terror”.

As the immediate reaction on the 11 September terror attacks in New York and Washington, Wilfried Agricola de Cologne initiated the “Memorial for the Victims of Terror” – a collaborative project many artists were contributing to, also because this memorial site is dedicated to all victims of terror. The 11 September attack is very singular in its dimension and effect on on the presenece of the media and the people’s perception, but is also standing in the context of terror attacks before and afterwards, demonstrating how vurnerable our contemporary societies are, and that there is no guarantee for collective and individual security.

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