Feature of the week 39

Feature of the week 39 – 20-26 September 2010

JavaMuseum - I-Islands - netart from UK & Ireland

Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
is happy to re-launch on occasion of NewMediaFest’2010

I-Islands Netart from UK and Ireland

In 2004, JavaMuseum released the netartshow “I-Island – netart from UK and Ireland”, including the majority of artists who were active as “netartists” at that time.
JavaMuseum was often confronted with the question why focussing on “national” aspects. The answer is and was very simple. Although the Internet is representing a medium without national boundaries and limitations, artists who were active in the field of netart came basically just from some “developed” countries, where the Internet and the connected technology (hardware and software) were available. The national focus makes also sense in other terms, because, it became obvious, that there were different – nationality related – mentalities in approaching topics and using technology.
By comparing the different – nationality related – netart features on JavaMuseum, often a specific “national” identity is apperaring behind most artists, even if they use the same medium, hardware and software.
Especially in UK, there were many talented artists in the field of netart, but only a few continued being active in this field until these days. Where are all the others left?

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List of participating artists in I – Islands

Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Thomson & Craighead
Gair Dunlop, James Robert Ford, STANZA
Jess Loseby, Susan Collins, Ambient TV
Patrick Simons, Dan Norton, Marc Garrett
Ruth Cathlow, Sarah Doyle, Kate Southworth
Enrique Radigales, Furtherfield, Brian Routh
Stephen Bossonet, Michael Szpakowski, Ken Davidson
TalkingBirds, Jorn Ebner, Oliver Flexman
Adele Prince/Edward Hill, Conor McGarrigle
Nick Barker, Jane Wingfield, Beverly Hood
Dennis McNulty/Cliona Harmey, Cliona Harmey
M Takeo Magruder, Katrina McPherson & Simon Fildes

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