Feature of the week 40

Feature of the week 40 – 27 Sept – 3 Okt 2010

VideoChannel Cologne
Seen, Read and Drawn by Jody Zellen (USA)

VideoChannel Cologne
re-launches the showcase
“ACAN – Art Cartoons & Animated Narratives”
as the Feature of the Week 40

featuring videos works by these 23 artists
Andreja Andric (Serbia/Italy) & Igor Vasiljev (Serbia/Germany)
Mauro Arrighi (Italy) – David Burns (USA)
Janet Curley Cannon (USA) – Pablo Castillo (Chile)
Robin Clare (UK) – Ana Gutierrez (USA)
Gerald Habarth (USA) – David Hutchison (UK)
Man Kim (South Korea USA) – Aleksandar Kostjuk (Croatia)
Dinko Kumanovic (Croatia) – LEMEH42 – Michele Santini & Lorenza Paolini (I)
Lycette Bros. (Australia) – Paul Mangan (Ireland)
Hermes Mangialardo (Italy) – Henrique Roscoe (Brazil)
Ying-Fang Shen (Taiwan) – Simon Streitfeild (Australia)
Andy Sykes (UK) – Alexander Satim Timofeev (Russia)
Jody Zellen (USA) – Wilfried Agricola de Cologne (Germany)

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