Feature & venue of the week 14

Feature & venue of week 14

Manipulated Image @The Complex Santa fe

Manipulated Image / Santa Fe &
VideoChannel Cologne

proudly present an intercontinental collaboration…


As part of the 10th year celebrations of NewMediaArtProjectNetwork based in Cologne, Alysse Stepanian (curator of Manipulated Image) was invited by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne to curate a one hour compilation of experimental short videos by US artists titled “memory” and “identity.” This one hour compilation will become part of the collection of VideoChannel Cologne and its online screenings. On April 2nd, additional videos by the selected artists plus work by Chris Coleman and Penny Lane will be screened at the Complex. Mr. Coleman’s animation is already in the collection of the German partner’s site, Video Art Database.

10 of them will be part of the online feature on VideoChannel to be officially launched on 5 April as the feature of the month April 2010

Lana Z. Caplan (Boston, Massachusetts), Chris Coleman (Colorado), Brian DeLevie (Denver, Colorado), Ron Diorio (Manhattan, New York), Michael Greathouse (Brooklyn, New York), Soyeon Jung (Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Penny Lane (New York, New York), Laleh Mehran (Colorado), Joe Merrell (Los Angeles, California), David Montgomery (Fernandina Beach, Florida), Christine Schiavo (Staten Island, New York), Brooks Williams (New York City).

Laleh Mehran, Chris Coleman, and Brooks Williams will be present in person to discuss their work. Brooks Williams will also present a solo musical performance. For more than 25 year Brooks has worked in his New York studio, Harmonic Ranch, as a composer/sound-designer creating music for film, dance, television, multi-media installations, and performances. Coleman’s animation “The Magnitude of the Continental Divides” was chosen by a jury including Isabella Rossellini as the Grand Prize winner of the Metropolis Art Prize. On December 17 of 2009, it was screened in Times Square NYC on three of the JumboTron screens!! Iranian born Laleh Mehran received her MFA from Carnegie Mellon University in Electronic Time-Based Media. Currently, she is an Associate Professor and Graduate Director of the Electronic Media Arts & Design program at the University of Denver.

CURATOR’S STATEMENT (by Alysse Stepanian):

This compilation of videos by U.S. artists are as diverse as the memories and identities that fabricate the singularity of the concept of unity and nationhood of this country. Most of these videos were originally created for installations and share a monumental quality, as if to reflect the enduring attributes of the memories that make up one’s identity. Soyeon Jung, a Korean born American, draws a literal parallel between food consumption and the internalizing of her own experiences of moving between the two cultures. Lana Z. Caplan comments on human survival amid loss and destruction. Brian DeLevie and Isshaela Ingham reflect on childhood memories from the safe distance of a far away future. Chris Schiavo’s heroine’s active search for a unique sense of self contrasts with Brooks Williams and Ron Diorio’s central figures, who seem to have lost their internal battle. On the verge of making compromises, they struggle to negotiate their conflicting needs for individuality and belonging, as their socially driven desires dictate their beings. Iranian born Laleh Mehran combines “religion, science, and politics,” in complex works that find commonalities in territories that have claimed marked distinction through the filters of history. In a video by Michael Greathouse, a detached human head floats in the sea, its movement decipherable as it passes the only marker in the landscape, a lighthouse that may represent a flash of a memory that marks a person’s individuality. Joe Merrell depicts the drivers on a Los Angeles Highway; alienated in their automobiles, they all eventually vanish into a single point, perhaps symbolic of their myopic outlook toward life. And finally, David Montgomery depicts “a collective memory of growth,” allowing the combined synergy of technology and nature to break into a time lapse dance to music by the band, Sleeping People. In addition to this compilation of 10 videos that will become part of the collection of Manipulated Image’s German partner, VideoChannel Cologne’s site, there will be screenings of Penny Lane’s child-like animation, and Chris Coleman’s award winning animation, “The Magnitude of the Continental Divides.” This curation is Manipulated Image’s 2nd major partnership with Wilfried Agricola de Cologne’s VideoChannel online screenings based in Cologne.

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Santa Fe Complex
Address: 632 Agua Fria St (between St Francis and Guadalupe; enter on Romero, west edge of the Railyard), Santa Fe, NM 87501

Alysse Stepanian, Creator, Program Director, and Curator of Manipulated Image