Program of week 47

program- week 47 –> 15-21 November 2010

Feature of the Week 47

JavaMuseum’s netart journal
“Celebrate!” – proudly presents five new netart pieces
around “virtual travelling”

netart by Ayman Alazraq (Palestine)

Gaza Airport by Ayman Alazraq (Palestine)
Julia by Doron Golan (Israel/USA)
Afterbirth Spectacular by Jessica Westbrook/Adam Trowbridge (USA)
Network of Thoughts by Michiel Koelink (NL)
Artplanktos by Dida Papalexandrou (Greece)

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VideoChannel Cologne
proudly presents
Feature of the Month November 2010

VideoChannel Cologne

Relative Space by Chris Stockbridge (UK) /></p>
<p><strong>artvideoKOELN</strong> proudly present<br />
<strong><font color=Family Affair 2 – Father
curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
featuring videos by following 12 artists

Antonio Alvarado – Zack Bent – Yin-Ling Chen
Virginia Colwell – Lindsay Foster – Constantin Hartenstein
Shahar Marcus – Antti Savela – Chris Stockbridge
Marc Thele – Anders Weberg – Zellner Bros

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