Week 06 – preview

Week 06 – 1-7 February 2010

1. Feature of the month February 2010

SFC - Shoah Film Collection

On occasion of 65th Return of the Liberation of Auschwitz A Virtual Memorial Foundation launched on (27 January 1945-2010)
“SFC – Shoah Film Collection” http://dts.engad.org/sfc-index.html

Celebrate! – netart features 2010
10 Years – JavaMuseum – Forum for Internet Technology in Contemporary Art
the netart features are released in form of the daily journal – “Celebrate!” – http://2010.javamuseum.org
This week–>
Monday: Grégoire Zabé (France)
Tuesday: Marc Lee (Switzerland)
Wednesday: Timo Kahlen (Gerrmany)
Thursday: Curt Cloninger (USA)
Friday: Susanne Berkenheger (Germany)
Saturday: jurgen trautwein aka jtwine (USA)
Sunday: Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)

3. SIP – SoundLAB Interview project– a series of interviews –
http://sip.newmediafest.org/?p=414–->this week: :
Monday: Jim Barrett (USA)
Tuesday:Matt Dotson USA)
Wednesday: Josh Goldman (USA)
Thursday: Neil Kaczor (UK)
Friday: John Maters (NL)
Saturday: Koich Shimizu (Japan)
Sunday: Johann Walter (Denmark)

4. VideoChannel Cologne – Greek Video Art – curated by Gioula Papadopoulou (GR) – features for 12 days
http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1546–> this week:
Monday Nikos Giavropoulos
Tuesday Leonidas Konstantinidis
Wednesday Gioula Papadopoulou
Thursday Andreas Sitorego
Friday George Vaviloussakis

VideoChannel Video art from Malaysia
curated by Roopesh Sitharan (Malaysia)
Saturday Tan Chui Mui
Sunday Liew Seng Tat

5. VideoChannel – Found Footage Film Collection http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1275-–> this week:
Monday Dennis Summers (USA)
Tuesday Alexander Mouton (USA)
Wednesday Irad Lee (Israel)
Thursday Jeremiah Jones (USA)
Friday Andrea Huyoff (Germany)
Saturday Enrique Freaza (Spain)
Sunday Sebastian Clej (Romania)

6 VideoChannel – Shoah Film Collection
http://vad.nmartproject.net/?page_id=1641 –> this week:
Monday Alicia Felberbaum (UK)
Tuesday Isobel Blank (Italy)
Wednesday Holger Kiess (Germany)
Thursday Antti Savela (SWE)
Friday Miri Nishri (Israel)
Saturday Grace Graupe Pillard (USA)
Sunday Lukas Matejka (Slovakia)

7. CologneOFF IV – features for one day – start 1 February 2010
–->this week:
Monday: Christian Bermudez (Costa Rica)
Tuesday. Carlo Sansolo (Brazil)
Wednesday: Piotr Nowak / Samuel Van Ransbeeck
Thursday: Filip Peruzovic, (Croatia)
Friday: Yoko FUKUSHIMA ( Japan)
Saturday: Alberto Magrin, Alberto (Italy)
Sunday: Paolo Bonfiglio (Italy)

February 2010 – feature of the month
A Virtual Memorial/VideoChannel Cologne –> SFC -Shoah Film Collection (2010)