Week 21 – program

program – week 20 – 17-23 May 2010

Feature of the Week 17-23 May 2010

Family Portrait by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

Family Portrait
a new media art project created by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne
gricola de Cologne’s collaborative project “Family Portrait” portrays three generations of the Partnoy family from Argentina in a triple diasporic tale of survival and artistic creativity.
In the framework of MOSAIC AWARD 2005, Agricola produced a third and final version of “Family Portrait” including new aspects of the story and a chapter about the lost son of the Partnoy Family.
Agricola’s project spotlights poignant aspects of Jewish diasporic history (Argentina) as well as artists whose identity and work is formed by this Jewish history


Feature of the Month MAY 2010

selfportrait by Erin Gee (Canada)

VideoChannel Cologne
is happy to launch on 3 May2010
in the framework of NewMediaFest’2010
and as the Feature of the Month MAY 2010

[self] ~imaging v.1.0
artists portraying themselves in film & video

[self]~imaging curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

THis is the first of 4 features including each 25 artists’ videos
to be released in May, June, July and August 2010.

Access to the online feature

CologneOFF V

The weeks is featuring physical screenings of different CologneOFF V selections. CologneOFF is invited to present these selections on

CologneOFF V
Fonlad – Digital Art Festival
15-28 May Coimbra/PT – www.fonlad.net

CologneOFF V
One Shot – International Shortfilm Festival Yerewan/Armenia
17-24 May 2010

More details about the selected artists can be found on

CologneOFF V – the 5th Cologne Online Film Festival edition can be accessed directly via this URL, featuring all festival films in full length


Feature of the past week 10-16 May 2010

http://cinema.nmartproject.net/cinema_d/index.htmlFlash & Thunder - Flash as a tool and medium for artistic creations
Cinematheque – streaming media – a show case in 3 parts: –>
Flash & Thunder – Flash as a tool and medium for artistic creations
Part III ( May 2010) is featuring :

Alan Bigelow (USA), Chris Joseph (UK), Edmond Salsali (USA),
Hermes Mangialardo (Italy), Matthew Randall (UK)